Mobile Strategy & Application Development

We specialize in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry (smart phones & QNX playbook), Android (smartphones & tablets), Symbian and Windows Mobile 7 apps. We we have the scale, the skills, the structure, the processes, the people, the knowledge base and the delivery model to be of value to our clients large and small.

Our dedicated group of 120+ employees from mobile strategists, designers, app developers and testers collaborate with our clients to create solutions of the highest quality standard.

– Mobile App Designing – We are great at developing apps with incredible artwork. Our designers are second to none and they are all well trained in ergonomic User Interface (UI) design protocols. Before we begin any development we take your concept and create artworks for all the screen layouts of the app to your satisfaction. This way you know exactly what you are going to get as a final product before even a single line of code is written. The end result is a beautiful app designed the way you wanted it. We believe a hallmark of success in this business is to deliver outstanding work.

– Mobile App Development – We have been doing mobile programming since the emergence of the smartphone and have tremendous experience in it. Mobile application development, unlike web development, is a unique blend of highly sophisticated graphics, light-weight database and optimized form of server side data exchange to utilize the limited bandwidth to the fullest. Our mobile app development process is very thorough and we follow best practices, always. Our emphasis on timeliness and quality since we understand that in mobile apps space time to market is critical.

– Mobile App Marketing – If you don’t have a good mobile app marketing strategy, there is good chance you would be buried in obscurity. Hear us now and believe us later when we say this, “people don’t buy products they buy experience”. Therefore if not marketed correctly regardless of how good or great or cool the app is, it is likely to fail. Having a good app is only half the battle. A well planned and executed mobile app marketing strategy is a necessity in today’s fierce market place for the app’s success.

Platforms We Support               Types of Apps

– iPhone / iPod touch
– iPad
– Android Phone
– Android Tablet
– Blackberry
– Windows Mobile 7

– QR Codes/2D Tags
– GPS Enabled Apps
– Camera Enabled Apps
– Social Networking Apps
– Social Network Integration for Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
– Messaging Apps
– Multimedia Apps
– Native Apps
– Server Side Apps
– Gaming Apps
– Enterprise Apps
– M-Commerce Apps
– Augmented Reality
– Mobile Website

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