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Web Services – Automating Business Interactions
We help automate your business interactions thus improving the flow of information both within your organization as well as with your Partners, Customers and Suppliers. Our consultants will architect and build Web Services networks helping you exchange information seamlessly between in-house IT systems and with external networks. This includes creation of standard interfaces for applications and databases, replacing manual communications with system-to-system XML-based connections.

We specialize in:

– EDI interfaces
– B2B protocols
– XBRL taxonomy

Systems Integration / Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
We help you maximize your IT investment by integrating application data across the enterprise. This will unlock information kept in stand-alone databases and streamline data flows and administrative processes. Effective Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) requires a combination of business and technical expertise. ThinkIT consultants have the required combination of business and technical expertise and are experienced with integration strategies and maximize value in implementation.

B2B Marketplaces, E-Commerce & E-Payments
Selling to regular corporate customers typically forms the bulk of transactions for many businesses. Our services include setting up of electronic catalogues and storefronts to enable companies to streamline their sales processes, thus reaping significant efficiency gains.

We create B2B e-commerce sites to streamline processes by which distributors order products. Distributors can place orders online, retrieve the latest product information and check the status of inventory. This allows organizations to cut order processing overheads. Whether you need B2B, B2C or C2C portals, affiliate marketing, online shipping and payments, integration with Google or eBay, we have the skills to assist you.

Product Development
Companies today need to create innovative products, reduce costs, shorten product development cycles and bring products to the market rapidly. Achieving this requires that both the Product Owner and the Technology partner must embrace state-of-the-art processes, technology and allow global teams to collaborate actively and seamlessly, thereby creating a greater bandwidth of skills and expertise.

What you can expect
– Agile development to shorten bring-to-market cycle
– Design and build products compliant with industry best practices
– Test lab to Validate and Verify the Product across environments
– Post launch helpdesk and technical support
– Microsoft® Technologies Competency driven solutions
– Predictable costs based on detailed analysis
– Focus on reuse to minimize development costs
– Flexible Engagement Models
– Multi discipline domain expertise
– Lean Six Sigma Quality Management

Business Intelligence
In order to survive, businesses today need ‘Competitive Intelligence’ which is defined as the gathering of information, converting it into intelligence and then utilizing this in business decision making. It is also defined as the organizational function responsible for the early identification of risks and opportunities in the market before they become obvious. C3IT’s consultants work with you to help you get the right information at the right time, in the format you need. This ensures that IT spends less time responding to requests, and business users spend less time looking for information. Our service include:

Some of the tools and technologies we have worked with include: Business Objects, COGNOS, Informatica, IBM DataStage, Performance Point Server.

Closed Loop marketing, listening platforms, portals and crowd analytics – “The concept of informing marketing and business decisions with insights found in social media data is essentially the underlying principle for all Listening Platforms” source: Forrester Research.

The new economy requires us to think differently: to anticipate, react to, and exploit business opportunities at lightning speed. Companies, their brands, products and services are continuously in the conversations that are taking place on social media sites now more than ever. But in order to tap into the social conversations that are taking place on the web, brands and agencies need to have a powerful tool to track, measure and engage sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, RSS, blogs and others. And that’s why ThinkIT has developed and evolved a powerful customer-centric solution for the digital age. It’s our Closed Loop Marketing approach, and its strength is: listening, analyzing, predicting, responding and fulfilling customer needs while accurately measuring the ROI of marketing investment and quantifying the effect marketing efforts have on sales.

Web visitor behavior modeling
Approximately, 80 percent of all Web sites don’t sell anything. Yet, probably 80 percent of all Web analytics examples and case studies are based on transactional activities such as buying or subscribing to something. You can see why. It’s much easier to demonstrate performance improvement or increases in return on investment when there are hard dollar signs are attached.

But how do you measure success or improvement on the vast majority of Web sites where there’s no direct financial benefit? Take, for example, lead generation or public sector sites. How do these site owners know if they’re doing a good job and spending their money wisely and optimally? This is an increasingly important area for the Web analytics industry to get its head around as more and more of these types of Web site owners are looking for ways to demonstrate value from their digital marketing investments.

ThinkIT has developed a proprietary methodology which allows web marketers to answer the following questions:

– What is the TRUE ROI for every $$ we spend on Web Marketing and Product Education?
– Are our web marketing $S appropriately sized and spent efficiently?

Current analytics tools such as Web Trends, Google Analytics, Omniture etc. provide only a summary level view of visitor engagement. They do not provide adequate business inferences for non-transactional user visits.

Our solution: Approach analytics at a session level. Try to “follow” and “score” a unique user and generate intelligence based on individual user experience rather than cumulative or aggregate stats. Define desired goals (non-transactional) and analyze visit or engagement. Rate a visit based on – Pages Visited (Qualitatively and quantitatively), interaction demonstrated, Time spent (where and how much).

Benefits/answers include: Identify the level and volume of Engagement on the site. Know what part of the site is delivering education and what is not working. Determine what content is driving engagement and interactivity. Fine tune web site goals, events and call to action objectives. Understand how to optimize the Media Spend to generate truly engaged traffic. Correlate traffic to a geographic/DMA level correlation.

WEB 2.0
WEB 2.0 is now a de facto standard for the web. ThinkIT helps you adopt Web 2.0 by providing solutions that are built on Web 2.0 principles using Web 2.0 technologies. Our development teams have worked with weblogs, social bookmarking sites, wikis, RSS feeds and API’s among others that form an inseparable part of WEB 2.0 compliant systems.

What you can expect
These technologies can be applied with excellent results for your media portals, portal solutions, intranet/extranet and enterprise solutions.
– AJAX-based, rich Internet applications
– Cross Browser Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
– RSS for Syndication and aggregation of data
– Community Features like Wiki, Blogs, User Rating and Forums
– Interactive Visual Elements using Microsoft Silverlight
– Gadgets
– Folksonomies
– XACML over SOAP for access control
– Weblog publishing
– Mashups
– Open source Content management systems (CMS)
– Optimized search engine capability
– MapQuest and Google Maps

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